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Credit Repair

A Quick Way To Build Your Child’s Credit

One of the largest challenges to a young adult is getting their first bit of credit. Most banks and many credit card companies want to take a ”let the other guy risk it” attitude and will deny early credit applications. Here is one way to build your child’s credit score in a matter of days.

Simply add your child as an authorized user on your credit card. After doing this, the credit account, length of credit, and payment history will appear on both of your credit reports. Of course, this only works if you remain in good standing with your credit card company. Should you fall behind the negative information will appear on both accounts as well; however, you can remove the child as an authorized user and the account will disappear from their credit report and seem to never have existed for them, avoiding the need of hiring a credit repair company in Texas or wherever you live.

It is up to you whether you allow the child to actually have a copy of your credit card or not, but this may also be a good time to teach them how to use credit wisely and responsibly without destroying their budding credit in the process. 

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