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A Quick Look At Chase’s Liquid Pre-Paid Card

The pre-paid debt card is becoming a much more attractive financial tool for repairing your credit. In response to that trend, larger banks are issuing these types of cards. Chase entered the market back in May and the Liquid card is available at all of its branches now. Many claim that it is the best card on the market at this time and here is the reasoning behind the claim.

The card features fewer fees. There are no fees to activate the card, load money on it, or to call customer service. The $4.95 monthly fee is cheaper than many of Chase’s own checking account fees as well as the fees of many other banks. The card also allows users access to all Chase ATMs and online bill pay for free. Additionally, users can set up low balance text alerts and are covered by some liability protections.

Comparing pre-paid card fee schedules can be difficult. Many tout their best features only. American Express points to its free ATM use, but neglects to say that you only get one free withdrawal then it is $2 a pop. GreenDot and others have higher monthly fees, but waive them if you load enough money each month or set up direct deposit. Despite the difficulties of comparison shopping, the Chase Liquid card appears to be the best pre-paid on the market today.

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