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Credit Repair

Need Legal Credit Repair – Fast?

If you want to repair your credit, we can help. At CreditRepairZoom.com, we team up with the best credit repair companies and attorneys across the United States to help you contest inaccuracies, re-establish credit, and increase your credit score.  We only partner with legal credit repair services, so you know you’re working with a company you can trust.  Most of our partners offer:

  • 100% Free Consultations
  • No-Hassle Money Back Guarantees
  • Affordable Month-to-Month Contracts

Whether you need credit repair for a vehicle, credit repair for a mortgag, or you just want to increase your credit score, we can help you get on the fast track to improved credit. Up to 80% of credit reports in the United States contain errors, most of which have a negative impact.  Don’t let yourself fall into this category.
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Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

In a word:  yes.  The majority of credit reports have inaccuracies that can lower your score, mislead creditors, and ultimately prevent you from financing a car, buying a home, or even getting a job.  A credit repair company will review your report for errors.  These are companies with many of years of experience that know how to spot mistakes, identity errors, false positives, and inaccuracies.  They will then file disputes with the credit bureaus as needed, professionally manage these disputes, and send goodwill letters to your creditors.  They handle debt validation, and some even provide attorney endorsements to aid in future credit approvals. Most also provide credit counseling.

The Importance of Legal Credit Repair

It is important to work with a company that emphasizes legal credit repair. The last decade saw the rise of numerous fly-by-night credit repair agencies that promised – even guaranteed – results. Unfortunately, many of these companies were engaging in shady practices, such as having their clients apply for and obtain EIN’s (Employer Identification Numbers) with which to apply for new lines of credit.  Repairing your credit simply doesn’t happen overnight. Credit repair companies that claim they can repair your credit instantly or create an entirely new credit profile for you should be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, the FTC has finally stepped in to more heavily regulate the industry. They managed to weed many of these shady companies, and they instituted new standard practices to protect consumers, their credit, and their pocketbooks.