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AFNI Collections

AFNI Collections (AFNI Inc.) is a debt collection agency that buys old debt from creditors. The company operates out of Bloomington, Illinois and is also known as AFNI Bloom and the Anderson Financial Network. Unfortunately, there are reports on the web of debt collectors like AFNI breaking the rules when it comes to getting people to pay old debt. In most cases, the debt is beyond the statutes of limitations (SOL). Federal law limits the amount of time collectors or creditors can collect debt. Once debt reaches its SOL, it consumers are not obligated to pay.

Consumer Complaints: AFNI

The Internet contains numerous complaints from consumers who face harassment, threats or poor treatment from AFNI. One of the biggest complaints is about re-aged or paid debt. The company purchases old charged-off debt that apparently has reached the statues of limitations and reports it as collectable debt to one or all three credit bureaus. Some consumers receive collection calls and letters for debt they already paid off.

Another complaint of consumers is repeated phone calls and letters for debt belonging to someone else. When asked to validate the debt, AFNI Bloom refuses to give any information other than what the consumer allegedly owes. Consumers should request in writing the name of the original creditor, the amount originally owed and the person listed on the debt.

Validating Debt – Stopping The Harassment

Consumers should contact all three credit bureaus and dispute any incorrectly reported debt they find on their credit reports. However, they should be prepared to back up the dispute with documentation showing the date the debt was originally paid or charged off. Companies like AFNI Collections may verify re-aged debt as correct even when it clearly has reached its SOL. If AFNI Inc. cannot verify the information within 45 days of the dispute, the credit bureaus must remove the debt.

When requesting the validity of a debt or disputing the debt with the credit bureaus does not work, consumers can contact a company that specializes in dealing with unscrupulous debt collectors. Agencies like AFNI will back off if they know consumers are not afraid to fight back.

Consumers can reach AFNI’s collection department by mailing validation letters to:

PO Box 3427
Bloomington, Illinois 61702-3427.



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