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Alliance One Collections

Alliance One Collections (AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.) is another hard-hitting debt collector.  There are numerous reports online of them using questionable tactics. Based in Minnesota, Alliance One collection agency has had troubles with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. In 2011, the state ordered AllianceOne and seven other debt collectors to pay heavy penalties for violating several laws, including hiring people with less than stellar criminal backgrounds.

AllianceOne is in the business of collecting debts.  However, some would say this is profiting at the expense of unsuspecting consumers. One way the agency makes money is by buying debt from finance companies, hospitals and many other large entities and getting consumers to pay high fees. Once Alliance One gets a hold of your contact information, they have a number of tactics at their disposal for pursuing the debt.

Creditor Harassment

Consumers often report harassment from debt collection agencies in the form of abusive phone calls and threatening letters. Agencies often bully people into making payments on debt belonging to someone else or well past its Statutes of Limitations (SOL). Other people reveal repeated phone calls at various times of the day.

Perhaps collection agencies’ favorite form of harassment is threatening to sue consumers unless they immediately pay the entire amount on an account. Some agencies even cross the line by contacting your loved ones to obtain your address, contact number and anything else they can get out of your family members.

On several Internet forums, people complained about Alliance One’s abusive behavior and bad attitude. A few of the replies to the complaints mysteriously rooted for the agency, but were rude and harsh toward the consumers making the complaints.

Questionable Tactics

The vast Internet is full of consumer complaints regarding questionable collection tactics from Alliance One. Some people receive phone calls for individuals they do not know. Others tell of harassing phone calls requesting their personal information to verify debt they never made. When consumers have confronted the company over the phone for such tactics, the agency has tended to avoid the issue at hand – at least reportedly.

Do not let your emotions get the better of you when dealing with Alliance One Collections. Such agencies can be uncaring and aggressive when pursuing collection accounts. Save your sanity and credit by letting the experts handle it for you.

Alliance One contact information:
1160 Centre Pointe Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120
1 (800) 858-4472



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