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Cavalry Portfolio Services

Many people have fallen on hard times since the economic recession hit. One prime example of financial trouble no one wants to experience is the harsh tactics of a debt collection agency. Cavalry Portfolio Services is one such agency. Cavalry Portfolio Services, often mistaken as Calvary Portfolio Services, is known for using extreme tactics in order to get people to pay their debts.  If you would like to speak with a credit consultant about dealing with them, simply submit our connect to a credit specialist.  The consultation is free and confidential.

Who is Cavalry Portfolio Services?

What is Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC? Specifically, they are an agency that buys customers’ debt from businesses for less than the actual debt amount. Once they purchase the debt, they attempt to collect the debt in the full amount from the customer using any means necessary. For this reason, they are often referred to as Cavalry Collections.  Often, such tactics can be borderline harassment. Cavalry Portfolio Services has been reported to use tactics such as late-night collection calls, threats of home foreclosure, or threats of future trouble with your credit score in order to collect their money. In some cases, these intimidating tactics are used against people who don’t even owe money! In the debt collection business, pursuing the wrong identity is not an uncommon mistake.

Contacting Cavalry Portfolio Services

Cavalry Portfolio Services has several locations. Their main website lists their contact information in Tempe, AZ for payments and in Valhalla, NY for customer complaints. Other contact information found on other sites lists the company’s location in Tulsa, OK and in Hawthorne, NY. On Cavalry’s official site, the only phone numbers available are 1-800-501-0909 for payments and 1-866-483-5139 for customer service.

Cavalry Portfolio Services is just one debt collection agency among many. For those in financial trouble, the possibility of having to deal with debt collection agencies like Cavalry Portfolio Services can seem terrifying. However, people must keep in mind that there is something they can do to shield themselves against the abusive tactics brought on by these debt companies. The first and foremost weapon anyone can have to protect themselves is education. To avoid harassment and other abusive tactics by debt collection agencies like Cavalry Portfolio Services, research consumer protection laws. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides guidelines on how to dispute anything placed on your credit report by collection agencies. In addition to the guidelines, there are companies out there that truly do have the customers’ interests at heart and are willing to help you get through these troubled times.  Go here to connect to a credit specialist who can help you remove inaccurate items from your credit report and deal with harsh collections tactics.


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