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RJM Acquisitions

RJM Acquisitions is a debt buyer out of New York. The company has a reputation of being dishonest, aggressive and difficult to deal with. Receiving a collection letter from this company is not a good thing. Consumers just like you have complained profusely about the aggressive and potentially damaging tactics of RJM.

Fraudulent Practices of the Worst Kind

If you have reservations about dealing with RJM Collections, you are not alone. A number of consumers complain about the debt collector’s fraudulent credit reporting. Some consumers strongly believe that RJM made up debts against them and reported the debts to all three credit bureaus. In numerous online complaints, the consumers attempted to have the erroneous information removed from their credit reports. However, by the time the consumers disputed the errors, their credit scores had dropped significantly.

Unresponsive to Consumer Requests

Getting a response or explanation for alleged debt is reportedly not easy with RJM Acq LLC. The company is known to send out collection letters to people who do not own the debt. When asked to validate the claim, the collector has reportedly ignored the request and continued to pursue collections.

Collection Attempts on Old Debt

One of the complaints you will find online is RJM Acquisitions’ attempt to collect outdated debt. The company purchases debt that has reached its SOL (Statutes of Limitations), re-ages it and then sends out collection letters to consumers. All over the Internet are complaints regarding this aggressive practice, which would seem to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Happy to Sue Consumers

Do not be surprised if the RJM collections company tries to sue you for debt well past the SOL. This debt collector seems to specialize in intimidation tactics like this one. Many debt collectors threaten consumers, and when that does not work, they try to sue them. They hope to scare people bad enough to give in and pay debts they do not owe or debt that is no longer collectable.

When it comes to debt collectors like RJM Acquisitions, you need back up to win. You need a company with experience to handle abusive collection companies. Do not wait for RJM Acq LLC to sue you. Get the help you need right now.

RJM’s contact information is:

Suite 224
575 Underhill Blvd
Syosset, New York 11791

Telephone: 1 (516) 733-6152
Fax: 1 (516) 714-1310
Web Address: http://www.rjmacq.com/