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Credit Repair

Continental Credit Repair

Continental Credit OnlineMany credit repair agencies do most of their business electronically. Continental Credit Repair likes to communicate with their clients the old-fashioned way, face to face.

The credit counselors at Continental take the time to get to know their clients, how they ended up in the credit situation that they are in, and then provide personal attention and recommendations considering all those factors.

Types of Credit Repair that Continental Credit Specializes In

Continental Credit specializes in helping debtors remove information on their credit report that is either wrong or false. They also take the time to give their clients advice on other ways to raise their credit score, create a budget and ways to use credit wisely in the future. Their team of experienced credit counselors have the ability to work with all types of credit history problems including foreclosure, bankruptcies and repossessions.

What to Expect When You Contact Continental Credit Repair

Working with Continental Credit to repair your credit history is easy and simple. There are two ways to get started, you can either fill out the online form, and a credit counselor will contact you, or you can contact them directly by phone to begin the process.

Once you have made contact with Continental Credit, a counselor will perform a credit report analysis of your credit history. During the analysis, the counselor will check every line of your credit report for accuracy. If errors or false information is present on the credit report, the staff at Continental Credit will begin measures to remove the false information.

After the initial dispute process regarding false information has been received, Continental Credit will determine whether or not you need monthly services. If your situation is cleared up after the initial dispute, you will not need monthly services. However, if your situation is complicated, or there is a risk of more problems popping up, the counselors will recommend that you continue with them on a monthly basis.

Continental Credit Repair has helped thousands of Americans remove false information from their credit report, which has created increased credit scores. To see what they can do for you contact them at:

  • Continental Credit Repair
  • P.O. Box 33479
  • Northglenn, Colorado 80233
  • telephone: 303-339-7056
  • toll free: 866-488-2066
  • website URL: www.continentalcreditonline.com

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