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Credit Repair

Alabama Credit Repair (AL)

Did you know that the majority of credit files are full of errors and discrepancies, some of which can keep you from being approved for car and home loans? We focus on credit repair for home buyers, car shoppers, and job seekers in Alabama.

  1. You request a free credit consultation.
  2. Your credit repair specialist assesses your credit file for issues that may be negatively affecting your credit.
  3. They file disputes against incorrect items with the credit agencies.
  4. Your credit repair consultant helps you to enhance your credit ratings in other ways.

Listed below are a few types of issues that credit repair specialists will be looking for:

  • Overdue payments, charge-offs and other negative listings that aren’t yours.
  • Inaccurate credit limits.
  • Debts stated as settled or anything other than current if you paid by the due date and in full.
  • Balances that continue to be displayed as not paid that were associated with a bankruptcy filing.
  • Adverse listings older than 84 months which should have vanished from your report automatically.

Repairing Credit in Alabama

Having AL Collections Removed from Your Credit History

Are debt collectors stressing you out? Then you need to be familiar with debt validation.

This is where you establish if a collections agency really has been assigned to collect your debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act grants you this privilege. The collector must provide evidence that you owe the debt, and validation that they currently hold the debt.

Neglecting to give you this data on time could mean loss in the right to collect the debt. At the same time, the debt collector is typically required to get the debt erased from your credit profile.

Credit Reports in Alabama

Have you heard that you can look at your credit report free of cost annually? The web site is www.annualcreditreport.com.

If you’re asked to provide a credit card, don’t – you aren’t in the right place.

If there’s an item that’s odd on your credit report, you might need to talk to a credit repair expert in Alabama for suggestions.

Credit Statistics for Alabama

The average credit score in Alabama is 676. The debt per capita is $385.

Credit Repair in Your Part of Alabama