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Credit Repair

Arizona Credit Repair (AZ)

Bad credit can stop you from financing a car, purchasing a house, even getting a job. Fortunately, it is possible to clean up your credit report and boost your ratings. You don’t have to be satisfied with DIY credit repair when you can have your credit repaired swiftly and on a tight budget.

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Advantages of Arizona Credit Repair

Here at Credit Repair Zoom, we have partnered with highly regarded pros that can provide you with a detailed action plan. They are able to identify credit inaccuracies that you would probably forget about, and they can make sure these issues get expunged. If you want a vehicle or mortgage loan, many credit repair businesses will even provide a lawyer’s letter of recommendation for your loan provider!

Your Credit Reporting Rights

Established in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) not only saves you from predatory debt collection practices, but also grants you certain privileges that are essential for repairing your credit.

Have you been hounded by debt collectors? If so, you need to be familiar with debt verification.

Under the FDCPA, you can verify whether any debt is actually valid or not.

The collections agency must produce specific proof, including:

  • Evidence that it holds the debt.
  • Verification that you owe the debt.

Failure to provide you with these records on time could result in loss of the right to collect the debt. On top of that, the debt collector might be obligated to get the debt taken off from your credit profile.

Years ago, pay for delete arrangements were more widespread in Arizona and across the country. You could simply just submit what is generally known as a pay for delete proposal to your Arizona collector, and if they approved your price, they would erase the damaging entry from your credit file, no questions asked. Nowadays, collection agencies can lose their debt reporting rights for approving PFD agreements. If your collection agency does consider a PFD contract, keep in mind these tips:

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  • Request the PFD contract on paper.
  • Understand that listings from the primary financial institution will not be cleared.
  • The pay for delete letter can fire up dormant collection activities.

Credit Stats in Arizona

Consider the following Arizona credit facts:

  • Credit Rating: 659
  • Credit Report Errors: 5,113,614
  • Folks with Bad Credit: 1,598,004
Improve Credit Scores Arizona

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There are many other ways to boost your rating.

  1. Decrease your credit utilization.
  2. Attempt to keep your credit card debts to 30% of your borrowing limit.
  3. Make all of your monthly payments by the due date.
  4. Don’t close any credit cards.
  5. Do not apply for numerous new credit accounts at once.

Finding The Best Credit Repair Company in AZ

Here I will discuss a couple warning signs of a fly-by-night credit repair business in Arizona:

  • They try to have you misrepresent details on your credit report.
  • They are guaranteeing that they can get negative items erased from your credit report.
  • They make you pay upfront.

All these practices are forbidden through the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which was signed into law in 1996.

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