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Credit Repair

Florida Credit Repair (FL)

Credit Repair Florida

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Are you interested in credit repair? Florida consumers have been looking to us to increase their credit scores. Fortunately, credit repair is fast, simple, and affordable – if you work with Credit Repair Zoom.

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Florida Credit Repair Benefits

Credit Repair Florida

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Repairing your credit yourself is a complete pain. At Credit Repair Zoom, we have partnered with honest Florida credit repair professionals who can:

  • Check your credit report for errors and fraud.
  • Register disputes with the credit bureaus.
  • Provide or refer you for debt relief products and services.
  • Enable you to satisfy loan provider guidelines for auto and home loans.

Did you know that 15,041,048 folks in Florida are believed to have errors on their credit files? That’s 80% of people.

Listed below are the most commonly seen issues that credit repair professionals watch for:

  • Late payments or some other negative items that are not yours.
  • Incorrect credit limits.
  • Accounts recorded as anything other than paid as agreed if you paid on time and in its entirety.
  • Accounts shown as outstanding that were included in a bankruptcy case.
  • Damaging entries older than 84 months which should have been erased from your report.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also known as the FCRA, requires credit reporting agencies to update or delete items on your credit file that are erroneous, out of date, or can’t be validated.

At the same time, the FCRA instructs that unfavorable listings can be kept on your credit report for only 7 years, except bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be on your credit report for 10 years.

One core part of credit repair is debt validation, which is particularly helpful whenever there are surprise collection listings in your credit profile.

Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), you have the ability to question whether any debt is legal.

The debt collector must provide evidence that you owe the debt, and evidence that they do have the legal right to collect it.

Failing to supply this information promptly could result in loss in the right to collect the debt. In addition, the debt collector will be required to remove the debt from your credit report.

Credit Reports in Florida

Do you see your credit report for free each and every year? The website is www.annualcreditreport.com where you can do so.

The credit reports from this website have on them things such as your credit accounts, debts, and payment records.

Bear in mind that this credit report isn’t going to show you your credit score. On the other hand, if you call one of our Florida credit repair professionals, your credit evaluation will provide you with your credit rating. On top of that, it’s absolutely free!

Credit Data: Florida

Did you know the average credit score in Florida is 673? On average, debt per capita is $1,630.

Credit Counseling in Florida

Credit Counseling in Florida

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Lots of people confuse credit counseling and repair. Florida credit counselors will help you determine how to pay your bills, solve your existing financial problems, and plan for things like your child’s college.

How much will this run you? Normally $25 or less per month. Credit counseling organizations receive a percentage of the funds paid to your credit card companies.

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