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Credit Repair

Maine Credit Repair (ME)

Credit affects every part of life in Maine, from financing a car or truck to renting an apartment to applying for jobs That’s the reason it’s crucial to keep inaccuracies from marring your credit report. We can match you with the best credit repair service in Maine, no matter if you need to repair your credit for an auto loan, home loan, or job hunting.

  1. You request a credit evaluation.
  2. An experienced credit repair specialist analyzes your credit report for issues that might be harming your credit rating.
  3. They dispute inaccurate items with the Experian, Equifax, and/or Transunion.
  4. They monitor your report and send additional disputes if needed.
  5. Your Maine credit repair consultant helps you to enhance your credit scores in various other ways, which may include consumer credit counseling, financial planning, and building new credit.

Of the 1,328,361 consumers who reside in Maine, 80% have inaccuracies on their credit reports. This is 1,062,689 people!

Commonplace credit report mistakes involve:

  • Overdue payments and other negative listings that are not yours.
  • Inaccurate credit limits.
  • Accounts stated as settled, paid charge-off or anything aside from current if you paid by the due date and in its entirety.
  • Debts that continue to be recorded as outstanding that were included in a bankruptcy.
  • Damaging entries older than seven years which should have been taken off your report by now.

Repairing Credit Maine

Your ME credit repair service will even help you with debt verification.

Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), you can dispute if a debt is in fact genuine or not.

The collector must produce specific proof, such as:

  • Evidence that it has been assigned the debt.
  • Original contract.

Failure to supply this data promptly could mean loss in the ability to collect the debt. Moreover, the collector is typically required to remove the debt from your credit history.

In all honesty, credit repair used to be less difficult than this, because pay for delete contracts were generally approved. Pay for delete means that you can pay the collection agency to eliminate the damaging entry from your credit profile. Alas, the credit bureaus caught on and all but banned this technique. If your collection agency will consider a pay for delete deal, keep in mind these tips:

  • Get a written contract.
  • Do not forget that entries from the principal financial institution will not be eliminated.
  • Your PFD offer could awaken old collections activity, particularly if the statue of limitations hasn’t run out.

Usually you will see items removed within four weeks. It would be even sooner, but this is how long the credit reporting agencies have to respond. Most companies offer their services on a month-to-month basis.

Maine Credit Data

Take a look at these Maine credit facts:

  • Credit Score: 699
  • Credit Report Errors: 1,062,689
  • Consumers with Poor Credit: 332,090
Improve Credit Scores Maine

Free Assessment!

Special methods like debt verification and PFD are great for repairing your credit, but there are other ways to improve your rating.

Below are a few of the most crucial factors:

  • Zero late payments
  • Low credit utilization (30%)
  • Few opened or closed credit accounts

Repairing Credit Through Debt Consolidation in ME

Credit repair is a very quick way of boosting your credit scores, but it doesn’t help your credit balances. Finding a company in Maine to consolidate your debts may be your answer.

Listed below are a few of the benefits:

  • Better way to make payments.
  • Less expensive APR.
  • Increased credit rating in the long run.
  • Late charge elimination.

Of course, you’ll find disadvantages:

  • Good credit scores are usually required to obtain a home equity loan.
  • Potential for home foreclosure if it serves as a guarantee for debt consolidation loan.
  • Possibly less asset shelter if bankruptcy is filed for.
  • Lenders less willing to grant new lines of credit if you’re enrolled in a debt management program.

Consumers with a bad credit score in Maine could also explore credit counseling. You can often get the exact same benefits as debt consolidation with no borrowing needed.

Credit Repair in Your City