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Credit Repair

Credit Repair – Springfield (MA)

Though the average credit score in Springfield is 758, over 20% of the population is believed to suffer from a credit score less than 620. We have joined forces with the most trusted credit repair companies in Springfield, MA, to help you:

  • Improve Your Credit Score
  • Decrease Your Interest Levels
  • Secure Better Loans

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Benefits of Springfield (MA) Credit Repair

Credit Repair in Springfield MA

Free Evaluation!

Do-it-yourself credit repair is a serious pain. Here at Credit Repair Zoom, we assist you in finding highly regarded experts that will provide you with a detailed analysis of your credit. They often uncover credit inaccuracies that a layman could overlook. They know how to get these issues cleared by the credit reporting agencies. If you’re applying for an auto or home loan, many credit repair agencies will even give you an attorney recommendation letter for your lending company!

According to the latest studies, 80% of consumers who reside in Springfield have inaccuracies on their credit report – meaning 134,172 men and women!

Validating Debt in Springfield

Since 1978, Americans have been safeguarded by the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), which not only defends you from unethical debt collection practices, but also gives you legal rights which you’ll find crucial for repairing your credit.

Are collectors calling or emailing you over and over? If so, you’ll want to find out about debt verification.

This is where you establish whether a collection agency really has the right to collect your debt. The FDCPA grants you this right.

If the collections agency fails to verify the debt within 30 days, they lose the authority to collect it and must eliminate the collection listing from your credit history.

Credit Scores in Springfield

Did you know that you can look at your credit report for free every year through www.annualcreditreport.com?

The credit files from this website will include things such as your credit accounts, debt balances, and payment history.

More often than not, people discover odd entries on their credit files, like Springfield debt collectors. In such cases, you’ll want to speak to a credit repair expert in your area.

Repairing Credit in Springfield MA

Credit Statistics: Springfield

Were you aware that on average the credit score in Springfield is 758? This means Springfield ranks 52nd among US cities with respect to credit scores. On average, debt per person is $21,481, which is $3,061 less than the US average. The typical consumer in Springfield has 1.95 active credit cards and 0.37 past due payments. Springfield inhabitants are only using 73.76% of their available credit.

Raising Your Credit Score in Springfield

There are various other ways to raise your credit score. To begin with, it’s good to reduce your credit utilization, which means trying to expend at most 30% of your credit limit. Additionally, pay all of your bills promptly. Next, be sure not to terminate any credit card accounts. You should not submit an application for many different new credit cards simultaneously.

Credit Counseling and Repair Services: Springfield (MA)

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 1 Locust St, 01108

Springfield Collector Harassment

There are a number of guidelines collection agencies must follow according to the FDCPA. Debt collectors shouldn’t ever:

  • Claim they’re going to sue you.
  • Reduce your credit ratings.
  • Wage garnishment.
  • Try and get you dismissed from your job.
  • Seize your possessions.

For more information, check out: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.