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Credit Repair

Credit Repair – Columbus (OH)

Poor credit can prevent you from financing a car, purchasing a home, even getting a job. Thankfully, there are ways to fix your credit report and boost your ratings. We can provide you with a credit consultant who can assess your report for adverse inaccuracies and provide you with various ways to increase your ratings.

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Columbus Credit Repair Advantages

Repairing your credit on your own is a real nightmare. Here at Credit Repair Zoom, we connect you with highly regarded professionals that are standing by to provide you with a detailed analysis of your credit. They’ll detect credit problems that others could easily fail to see, and they can get these inaccuracies removed by the credit reporting agencies. If you’re applying for a car or home loan, many credit repair agencies will even put together a lawyer’s letter of recommendation for your lending company!

Common credit report errors include:

  • Bad items that aren’t your own.
  • Credit limits cited as less than they are.
  • Debts shown as settled or anything aside from current if you paid on time and in its entirety.
  • Accounts that are still reported as delinquent that were involved in a bankruptcy.
  • Unfavorable items older than seven years which should have been taken off your report.

Repairing Credit in Columbus OH

Verifying Debt in Columbus

Established in 1978, the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) not only defends you from predatory debt collection practices, but also grants you liberties that are vital for repairing your credit.

Your Columbus credit repair agency may also help you to validate your debts. Debt validation, also known as debt verification, means asking a collector to prove that they have the ability to collect your debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act grants you this right.

If the debt collector neglects to provide the necessary information within thirty days, they lose the right to collect it and must clear the debt from your credit profile.

Debt validation is a highly effective tool at your disposal. Another is pay for delete. PFD means you pay the collector to erase the damaging item from your credit profile.

Of course, this results in increased credit scores. Because the credit reporting agencies are paid by creditors to produce legitimate credit histories, they now bar collectors for participating in these sorts of dealings. In spite of this, some debt collectors still consider pay for delete arrangements.

How Many Months Does Credit Repair Take?

Virtually all credit repair providers simply charge a fee on a per-month basis. More often than not, there aren’t any long term contracts, and a lot of good organizations have money-back assurances.

Credit Data for Columbus

Did you know that on average, the credit rating in Columbus is 750? What this means is Columbus ranks 70th among American cities when it comes to credit scores. The debt per capita is $24,585 – $43 more than the US average. The typical Columbus resident has 1.74 active credit cards and 0.5 missed payments. Columbus inhabitants have roughly 70.2% of their credit available.

Raise Credit Scores Columbus OH

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Let’s look at some other ways to increase your credit.

Here we have a few of the most essential factors:

  • No overdue payments
  • Low credit utilization (30% is optimal)
  • Few opened or closed credit accounts

Debt Settlement vs Credit Repair in Columbus

Debt Settlement Columbus OH

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Many people confuse debt settlement with credit repair in Columbus. Debt settlement is a potentially viable program when you’ve got real bills that you can’t pay. Meanwhile, credit repair disputes the validity of selected debts listed on your credit report. Debt settlement is an alternative choice to bankruptcy, and it’s detrimental to your credit ratings.

Credit Counseling and Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Here are a few of the prominent credit repair companies in Columbus.

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Servcs of Cntrl Oho Inc, 697 E Broad St, 43215
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Central Ohio, 4500 E Broad St, 43213
  • Credit Counseling Centers of America Inc, 111 N 4th St, 43215
  • Credit Repair, 33 S James Rd, 43213

Columbus Collection Agency Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs the actions of collectors in Columbus and nationwide. Collectors shouldn’t ever:

  • Make threats of court action.
  • Decrease your credit ratings.
  • Garnish your wages.
  • Cause you to get fired.
  • Claim your possessions.
  • Threaten to sue you or threaten to have you imprisoned.

To read more, please go to: FDCPA.

  • Allied Interstate, Inc., 3000 Corporate Exchange Dr, 43231-7689
  • Amerassist A/R Solutions, Inc., 8415 Pulsar Pl Ste 250, 43240-4033
  • American Collection Systems, Inc., 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr Ste 150, 43231-7666
  • Attorney Service Group, 100 E Campus View Blvd Ste 250, 43235-4682
  • Broad Street Financial Services, Inc., 495 E Mound St, 43215-5540
  • CBCS, 236 E Town St, 43215-4633
  • Checkcare Systems of Columbus, OH, 1925 E Dublin Granville Rd Ste 103, 43229
  • Computer Credit Corporation, 2242 S Hamilton Rd Ste 101, 43232-4300
  • Estate Information Services, LLC, 2323 Lake Club Dr Ste 300, 43232-3205
  • Federal Adjustment Bureau, Inc., 4640 Executive Dr, 43220-3602
  • First Federal Credit Control, Inc, 1550 Old Henderson Rd., Suite 100-S, 43220
  • G C Services Limited Partnership, 4777 Hilton Corporate Dr, 43232-4152
  • Professional Recovery Associates, 4700 Reed Rd Ste G, 43220-3074
  • Richard L. Boylan Co., L.P.A., 929 Harrison Ave Ste 304, 43215-1346
  • Rossman & Co./PCB, 3592 Corporate Dr Ste 105, 43231-4978
  • Sanford J. Cohan Law Office, 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr., Suite 151, 43231
  • Smith Law, LTD., 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr Ste 152, 43231-7665
  • TEK-COLLECT Incorporated, 1111 Schrock Rd Ste 100, 43229-1155
  • United Collection Bureau, Inc., 4100 Horizons Dr, 43220-5280