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Credit Repair

Credit Repair – Altoona (PA)

Are you aware that the vast majority of credit files are marked by errors and discrepancies, several of which can keep you from qualifying for car and home loans? Let us set you up with a credit repair specialist who can assess your file for errors and recommend a few ways to enhance your score.

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  1. You register for a credit analysis.
  2. A credit repair consultant evaluates your credit file for issues that are negatively affecting your credit ratings.
  3. They contest incorrect items with the credit agencies.
  4. You work with your Altoona credit repair company to help improve your credit ratings in other ways.

Let’s look at the most typical credit report slip-ups:

  • Unfavorable listings that are not your own.
  • Credit limits reported as lower than they should be.
  • Entries recorded as anything aside from paid as agreed if you repaid the debt on time.
  • Balances shown as outstanding that were involved in a bankruptcy.
  • Damaging listings older than 7 years that should have vanished from your report already.
Credit Repair Altoona PA

Free Credit Scores!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, established in 1970, requires credit bureaus to update or erase details on your credit report that are inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable.

It goes without saying, this is integral to credit repair, as it grants you the right to have your credit report revised.

Another essential principle of credit repair involves debt validation, which is exceptionally helpful if you’re ever being hassled by collectors.

As a consumer, you may contest whether any debt is in fact genuine.

If the debt collector doesn’t follow through correctly, they cannot collect it and must remove the debt from your credit file.

Back in the day, pay for delete arrangements were more common in Altoona and across the nation. It was possible to just give what is referred to as a pay for delete proposal to your Altoona collection agency, and if they approved your proposal, they would remove the damaging listing from your credit profile, just like that. It goes without saying, this leads to unnaturally lofty credit scoring, so the credit agencies look down upon these arrangements and even take action against collection agencies who participate in it. However, some collection agencies will still consent to PFD arrangements.

Virtually all credit repair companies just charge you monthly, usually without any binding contracts, and a lot of reputable firms provide cash back guarantees.

Credit Statistics: Altoona

The average credit score in Altoona is 770, making it 22nd nationwide. The debt per person is $22,979 – $1,563 less than the national average. The typical Altoona resident has 1.8 active credit lines and 0.34 missed payments. Altoona residents are only using 76.18% of their available credit.

Credit Repair Companies: Altoona, PA

  • CCCS/Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Western PA, 917 Logan Blvd, 16602

Altoona Collector Harassment

The FDCPA regulates the activities of collectors in Altoona and across the nation.

Debt collectors in Altoona and and across Pennsylvania must:

  • Contact you between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • Say who they are when phoning you.
  • Under no circumstances threaten you with physical harm.
  • Under no circumstances threaten to trash your reputation.
  • Never say they’re going to file suit against you or have you arrested.

To find out more, please click: FDCPA.

Take a look at this list of Altoona debt collectors:

  • Credit Control Collections, 2410 Broad Ave, 16601-1940