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Credit Repair

Credit Repair – Memphis (TN)

Have you thought about legal credit repair? Memphis consumers have been looking to Credit Repair Zoom to help them boost their credit scores. We’ve joined forces with the best credit repair services in Memphis, TN, who want to help you improve your credit rating, lower your mortgage rates, and get approved for everything from auto loans to mortgage loans.

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The Basics of Credit Repair in Memphis

  1. You register for a credit analysis.
  2. A credit repair consultant assesses your credit report for things that could be negatively affecting your credit rating.
  3. They contest incorrect items with the credit bureaus.
  4. Your credit repair consultant helps you raise your credit ratings in other ways, which may include debt management, cost management, and building new lines of credit.

Well-known credit report inaccuracies are:

  • Late payments, charge-offs, collections or some other negative items that aren’t yours.
  • Credit limits less than they are.
  • Debts stated as anything besides current if you paid on time and in full.
  • Balances reported as unsettled that were associated with a bankruptcy filing.
  • Damaging listings older than 84 months which should have been taken off your report by now.
Credit Repair Memphis TN

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act, established in 1970, requires credit agencies to alter or remove details on your credit report that are

  • Wrong
  • Out of date
  • Unverifiable

Without a doubt, this is integral to credit repair, since it grants you the right to have your credit report up-to-date.

Advanced Tips: Debt Validation

Have you heard of debt verification? This is an effective means of battling underhanded collectors in Memphis.

Being a debtor, you have the right to contest the veracity of a debt being collected.

If the collections agency fails to verify the debt within thirty days, they lose the ability to collect it and must remove the debt from your credit file.

Credit Scores For Memphis Residents

If you want to go on and see your credit report on your own, simply go to www.annualcreditreport.com. However, it’s free for download only once a year.

To access your credit reports through this site, you’ll need to enter your SSN, but no payment information is necessary.

Unfortunately, your credit rating won’t be part of these no cost reports, but when you connect with one of our Memphis credit repair consultants, your credit assessment will provide you with your credit rating – free of charge!

Credit Stats: Memphis

Take a look at the following Memphis credit figures:

  • Credit Score: 711
  • Credit Score Ranking: 133rd
  • Debt Per Capita: $24,093
  • Utilization of Credit: 68.99%
  • Overdue Payments: 0.58

Credit Counseling: Memphis, TN

People with less-than-perfect credit may also want to consider credit counseling. Memphis credit counseling professionals help people create a long term strategy for eliminating debt and maximizing credit ratings.

This kind of plan shouldn’t have any detrimental effect on your credit ratings. Then again, it could actually make it more challenging to get mortgage or auto loans in Memphis.

Credit Repair Businesses in Memphis (TN)

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 2855 Stage Village Cv, 38134
  • American Fair Credit Association, 2763 Colony Park Dr, 38118
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 2400 Poplar Ave, 38112
  • Next Step Credit, 6263 Poplar Ave, #540, 38119
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, , 38133
  • Accounts Receivable Collection Co., 530 Oak Court Dr Ste 185, 38117-3731
  • Alcon, Inc., 65 Linden Ave, 38103-3911
  • C & F Systems, Inc., 915 Kelley Rd, 38111-6620
  • Checkcare Systems of Memphis, 4821 American Way Ste 201, 38118-2453
  • Credit Adjustment Service, Inc./CAS of Tennessee, 1982 Madison Ave, 38104-2713
  • Frost-Arnett Company, 5350 Poplar Ave Ste 425, 38119-3655
  • Hanna & Associates, Inc., 147 Jefferson Ave Ste 710, 38103-2235
  • Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP, 119 S Main Street, Ste 543, 38103
  • Medical Financial Services, Inc., 5100 Poplar Ave Ste 2020, 38137-5020
  • Mutual Collection Company, Inc., 3485 Poplar Ave Ste 230, 38111-4622
  • Professional Collections Network, Inc., 3637 Park Ave Ste 212, 38111-5645
  • Revenue Assurance Professionals LLC, 2650 Thousand Oaks Blvd Ste 4220, 38118-2451
  • Revenue Recovery Corporation, PO Box 341308, 38184-1308
  • S & S Recovery, Inc., 5739 Stage Rd Ste 105, 38134-4515
  • Sharp-Jackson Collection Services, Inc., 2978 Austin Peay Hwy Ste 220, 38128-5687
  • Universal Collection Systems, 5240 Mendenhall Park Pl, 38115-5904
  • West Tennessee Collectors, Inc., 100 N Main St Ste 1235, 38103-0596