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Credit Repair

Utah Credit Repair (UT)

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Looking to repair your credit and improve your credit score? Credit repair is quick, simple, and affordable when you utilize our service.

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At Credit Repair Zoom, we put you in touch with trusted experts that are standing by to guide you through the process of fixing your credit:

  • Identifying Mistakes
  • Filing Credit Disputes
  • Applying for New Lines of Credit

Were you aware that 2,211,108 individuals in Utah are believed to have mistakes on their credit reports? That’s 4 in every 5 men and women.

Repair Credit Utah

Verifying Your Debts in Utah

Founded in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) not only defends you from unfair debt collection practices, but also grants you legal rights that are important for repairing your credit.

Your UT credit repair firm may also help you to validate your debts. Being a debtor, you may dispute if any debt is genuine. The debt collector has to provide proof that you owe the debt, and evidence that they presently have the legal right to collect it.

Neglecting to present you with this data on time could result in loss in the ability to collect the debt. At the same time, the debt collector will be required to have the debt taken off from your credit history.

Another way of having adverse records deleted involves pay for delete (PFD). PFD enables you to pay off a collection agency and in exchange they eliminate the adverse item from your credit report. Obviously, purchasing collections deletion contributes to unblemished credit histories, so the credit agencies now suspend collection agencies who engage in PFD deals. You need to talk about PFD with a credit repair professional in Utah. Even with the credit bureaus, quite a few collection agencies will play ball, but you’ll have to bring up the subject the correct way.

Credit Stats for Utah

Consider the following Utah credit figures:

  • Credit Rating: 683
  • Credit Record Mistakes: 2,211,108
  • Folks with Low Credit Scores: 690,971

Credit Counseling in Utah

Credit Counseling Utah

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Men and women who’ve got bad credit can typically benefit from credit counseling. While credit repair is a quick way to enhance your credit report, credit counseling concentrates on debt help and financial education.

Just how much will this cost you? Generally $25 or less each month. Credit counseling companies receive a commission on the payments sent to your creditors.

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